The Novice’s Guide to Veggie Tapas in Seville

One question that's asked surprisingly often by our interns is about the availability of vegetarian tapas. Well… any vegetarian who’s ever scanned a tapas menu in Spain will tell you that it can be tough finding meat-free options! The Spanish in general aren’t big on the vegetarian lifestyle, and high proportion of local restaurants and bars haven’t caught onto the concept all too well yet. It’s common for traditional tapas classics to be listed on menus without mentioning meat or fish – but one or the other is highly likely be lurking there once your plate arrives. For example, ‘croquetas’ (the king of tapas dishes), unless they specifically state otherwise, will always contain ham, while a

Part Two of the first-week highlights from our summer interns in Seville!

Part two includes sampling vegetarian tapas outdoors on a terrace (The only way to eat tapas), practising rolling your rrr's like a local, glimpsing a massive solar power station whilst beginning field work, and finding hidden gems in second-hand book shops. The highlight of my week was cycling along the river on Saturday. Our route took us past the Feria on its final day so we got a last glimpse of everyone dressed up in their flamenco dresses, drinking Andalusian sherry and dancing ''sevillana'', then we continued through the south of the city and finally stopped to have dinner (a spread of tapas) at a vegetarian restaurant near the Alameda de Hercules, which was absolutely delicious. It w

Part One of our summer interns' First Week Highlights!

Well, we've only been here a little over a week but we have to say, it already feels like home! Here are some of our high points from the last ten days, from buying bikes, to stumbling across Flamenco dancing, to starting out on fieldwork at the Doñana Biological Station! ''Since buying bike about a week ago I have barely let my feet touch the ground. Two wheels is the way to get around this superbly smooth city for sure. Scenic routes run along the river and intricate streets connect the bars and cafes. Settling in is all about getting out and about, exploring and immersing, and a bicycle makes it so easy to do so.'' - Dan. ''My absolute favourite thing I’ve done so far was wonder around Pl

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