World Tapas Day: We're in the perfect place!

In honour of World Tapas Day on June 16th, We - the interns - got our heads together and came up with our favourite tapas spots around city. 1. Café Piola (Alameda de Hercules) Café Piola does serve nice tapas but we are actually recommending them for their breakfasts! First meal of the day so first on the list. They do a fantastic range of breakfast options and many different varieties of tostada toppings – including but not limited to a nice range for vegetarians and vegans. Our favourite however, is the plain and simple Tostada con tomate, with a smooth café con leche. Perfect. 2. 100 Montaditos (All around the city...) 100 Montaditos is an institution in Spain. If you’ve ever spent time

Interview with an Intern: Ellen's Experience!

Ellen is 22 and alongside her course in Community Development, she has an internship placement at Doñana Biological Station, researching the foraging strategies and long-distance movements of Vultures. She's discovered since arriving however that her placement is more varied than she could have anticipated, and she's been loving each and every aspect! Hi Ellen! Can you describe a typical day at your placement? Well, I don’t think I really have a typical day as I’m doing something different every week, which is fantastic as I’m getting so much experience. But for example, today I was working in the DNA labs in the main biology building, extracting blood clots from black and griffin vulture fe

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