Life in Seville / January Interns / Part 2

Sophie & Ellie - Foodbank Workers & Teaching Assistants at Co-operacion Internacional - Photo curtesy of Sophie & Ellie or donated clothes at Co-operacion 'The internship at Cooperación Internacional consists of helping out at a food bank and teaching English. At the food bank, we work 4 days a week and our role varies a lot. At the beginning, we completed paperwork because you can sit behind a desk and focus on one task. We have to check identification and keep a record of what each family receives which they then sign. When we gained more confidence in speaking Spanish, we then rotated roles and we now do a variety of tasks such as checking the register of names, making up the food boxes a

Life in Seville / January Interns / Part One

Eduardo - Working at Hombre y Territorio 'My name is Eduardo and I am currently working at Hombre y Territorio, a respected NGO in Spain mostly taking care of the social media, newsletter material and content and other Marketing aspects in 2 of their main projects. Although it hasn't been long I started, I'm finding my projects really interesting especially because I am being key to deliver such important contributions to the environment, seeing the focus is marine research and the impact of human waste. During my free time I am going to gym and exploring the city through an app called Meetup with activities such as tours, networking events and socialising. Last weekend I had my very first b

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