Life in Seville - Part 4!

Naomi works as a Teaching Assistant at OneWay School Photo curtesy of Naomi, CAAC 'Time flies when you're having fun, especially in Sevilla! It's hard to believe we've been here a month already or that we all met for the first time, four weeks ago in a training centre in Brighton. Sevilla is everything i could've hoped for and more. Getting to know the city by bike has been one my favourite things to do despite my love/ hate relationship with the Servici service (on the whole it's smooth except when you get stuck in the tramlines or its 30° and you have to get to work ) There is an infectious zest for life in Sevilla that leaves you wanting more whilst also appreciating the time to step ba

Life in Seville - Part 3

Ana-Maria works at 3Si as Assistant Project Co-ordinator Photo curtesy of Ana - Enjoying the sun in Plaza de Espana 'My role as a 3Si Assistant Project Coordinator is really exciting as I get to learn more about how internship programmes are set up and ran “behind the scenes”, while I also enjoy the experience as an intern in Seville. Brighton Third Sector Training is the sending organisation in the UK and 3Si is the receiving organisation here in Spain – they welcome us, take us on local and historical tours, liaise with the local employers (who provide the work placements) and monitor our progress throughout the internship. In addition to graduate groups, 3Si also provides the same support

April Internships - Life in Seville Part 2

Katey works as a research assistant at Donana Biological Station Photo curtesy of Katey: Flamingos at Donana Nation Park 'It’s honestly been an amazing start to my trip in Seville. I love waking up to the beautiful weather every morning and having days to explore the new culture, food, music, wildlife and amazing landmarks around the city. I am currently working at Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD), the Biological Station within Seville. I am a research assistant looking at the invertebrate activity that enhances greenhouse gas emission and in addition, the implications flamingos and other birds are also having on greenhouse gas emissions. These first few weeks have involved field work in t

April round of Internships - Life in Seville

Callum works at Colegio Britanico de Sevilla Photo curtsey of Callum. Callum standing on Puente de Isabel II, Seville 'Time has flown by; I can’t believe we’ve been in Sevilla for 3 weeks already. It’s been amazing, experiencing Semana santa was an eye opener and adapting to the chilled Sevilliano culture and lifestyle has been great. I’ve completed just over a week as a teaching assistant at Colegio Britanico de Sevilla. I have been placed in a year 4 class where I provide a helping hand to the main teacher; reading with kids, helping them complete exercises and other general teaching assistant duties. It is more or less exactly how I imagined it to be, the only thing I have noticed is that

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