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Adéla's Sunny South Coast Exploits!


Adéla Pokorná came to Brighton for a month with Natálie and four other young creative school-leavers from the Czech Republic, following their ambition to forge careers in graphic design, publishing or photography.

Where's your internship based, and

what does it involve?

I work at a company called 360, who create graphic designs such as logos, banners, web designs, etc. My placement is in a graphic design company, and I’ve been working in a small team creating a new logo and design for a series of Volkswagon products. I’m enjoying getting to know the design process here from its beginnings with researching information and creating mood boards, to the culmination, which we are working towards at the moment. It’s good to learn how to know the how to start a new project – I’ve done that here already, and am now working independently on my part of the project.

What's been a highlight of your placement?

I like the other workers; they are friendly, funny and helpful. Also, the working time is flexible so I don’t have to miss out on experiences and events because of work. The environment at my placement is pleasant – very welcoming.

Why did you decide to do this internship?

I chose to do this internship as I want to gain more skills in graphic design and improve my English skills. I also want to build my language skills, especially confidence in speaking. I’m hoping that this internship will give me lots of practice in this way! I also wanted to challenge myself by moving to a new country with a different culture, climate, and people, and experience what it’s like to live independently in that situation.

Do you think this experience will influence your plans for the future?

Yes. I realised when I was younger that it’s very important for every young person to know how to speak English well. So I am planning to spend more time in the UK in the future. This experience has shown me that I can live abroad and be happy, so I will have more confidence in the future to try and stay here again.

What has been interesting about living in Britain?

Britain is a really strange country for a Czech person in many ways. It’s colder than I expected and the air is very fresh but also very damp – totally different from ​​my country! I am also accustomed to different styles of eating – for example, for lunch in the Czech Republic I usually eat a hot meal, such as meat and annex. Here I don't see anyone eat a hearty lunch! It’s funny to see the cars drive on the opposite side of the road... the different currency and the different plug sockets... so many strange things that always remind you that you’re in a foreign country.

What do you like the most about Brighton?

I really like the architecture, especially the small decorated shops. Also I often go to the beach where it is possible to have fun with

friends or just relax. I like the people here; they are much more communicative than in my country. I saw foreign people talking on the street about something, and local people were very helpful to them. Another time the saleswoman in the store called out to me with “How are you today honey?” and wished me a nice day. I thought that was sweet.

What advice would you would give to future interns in Brighton?

Don't be afraid to go to a foreign country and gain new experiences. Don't be afraid to communicate despite the fact that you think that you only know a few words of English. It's okay. Everybody starts somewhere. This experience will show you a new horizons. However, you absolutely need to bring warm clothes!

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