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Part 2 - Catching up with the new interns!

This is part 2 of finding out how our interns are getting on with internship and life in Seville;

Rossella - Working at Hombre y Territorio

'I would say that my experience in Seville so far has been extraordinary, and I'm not exaggerating. I didn't know in detail what I was going to do in my organisation before coming here, but it turned out to be exactly the type of job that I wanted.I currently work at Hombre y Territorio, an environmental organisation that collaborates with many different associations throughout Spain.We alternate between days at the office (that are quite light an easy, as it's only 4 hours a day) and days outside Seville (mainly in the weekend) where we carry out tasks like beach clean-ups or events dedicated to the promotion of environmental awareness, biodiversity and marine conservation.Last weekend for example, we took part in the Festival del Mar in La Herradura, where more than 400 kids came to learn something about marine conservation, It was incredibly fun and edifying for me, especially because my whole team is Spanish, therefore I'm learning Spanish quite fast too!'

- Below are some photos of some of the projects Rossella has been working on and visiting with Hombre y Territorio.

Holly - talking about work at FACUA & life in Seville

'I am working for consumer rights NGO FACUA and have been translating articles from their website into English. The organisation is working on lots of important issues, such as informing people of Ryanair’s obligation to compensate customers for flight cancellations due to the workers’ strike, fighting for affordable electricity bills for Spanish families and against an amendment to a law which would give the Spanish government the power to shut down websites without legal authorisation. Translating texts about interesting topics makes the work really enjoyable.

FACUA is a big organisation but I am working in a small Communications department. My colleagues have been extremely welcoming and friendly and some days we go out for desayuno together. My hours are 9-2 which gives me the rest of the day to explore Seville. I’ve enjoyed wandering through the streets discovering book shops, record shops, cafes, admiring the architecture and taking in lots of tasty vegetarian tapas. One of the best things about Seville is you can see live jazz and flamenco any night of the week and there are tons of festivals and other events I hope to check out.'

Holly with her work colleagues

Hati - On life in Seville

'I spend a lot of my spare time wandering around the streets of Sevilla, stopping at any one of the bars or cafes for cheap drinks or good coffee, although we are on a budget, eating out is still completely possible as you can get tapas at most bars for around 3 euros. there are a number of flamenco clubs around the city, which are great to visit and watch a show. You will never get bored in Seville as there is always something going on, whether that is music festivals or huge outlet sails, I have struggled to have a quiet weekend while I have been here, as I just don't want to miss out on anything that's going on. there is also plenty to do in the day as there are a number of incredible sites to see, including the cathedral the royal Alcazar and la plaza d Espana, just to name a few.'

Caitlin's photos of some of the sights of Seville

- Some of Caitlin's photos of the sights of Seville

Caitlin - talking about life in Seville & working for Centris

'At my work placement in Centris English School I’m helping in the running of the classes. Assisting at all levels from Kids Box 1 to C1, I’m helping prepare resources for the lessons and helping students with exercises in their preparation for the Cambridge National Exams.

I’m loving doing this, gaining such valuable experience from observing real life TEFL lessons and gaining knowledge about the Cambridge National Exams which is vital for teaching English as a foreign language.

Settling into Seville has been a great adventure, and I’ve had the best time getting to know my new city and the others on the internship. Since arriving I’ve been on a historical tour of the city, gone to the beach in Huelva, taken a road trip to Portugal to go kayaking, gone rock climbing, gone rowing in La Plaza de España and enjoyed Seville’s nightlife in La Alameda.'

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