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Just before we say goodbye!

B3ST team have caught up with our current interns, now that their internship is coming to an end to find out how they can look back on their time in Seville and what their plans are going forward!

Photo courtesy of Matilda

Here is how Rossella found her 3 months in Seville and what she plans on getting up to once the internship finishes;

Photo courtesy of Rossella

'My time in Seville has been absolutely amazing, and now that the end is approaching I am feeling extremely sad actually. I felt at home like I have never done before while living abroad, and I have learnt so many things.

In terms of my level of Spanish, I am very happy with the improvements on my listening skills, as now I can understand 80-85 % of what I hear (unless they speak with strict Sevillian accent!), and my reading skills as well. I have now read two books in Spanish (not easy ones) and I am very happy about that.

I absolutely loved my job too (Hombre y Territorio). My team was very small - just 4 of us - and that made me feel more comfortable and at ease practicing my Spanish. We created a lovely environment in the office but most of all outside, during our campaigns. I followed my team in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Huelva and Sevilla participating in all sorts of eco-friendly events. I have now been selected for an internship in Greece in a similar organisation, for a similar role as well. I am gonna start in January and I am gonna work in the Media and Public Relations department of an environmental organisation. Seville is a beautiful place, not just in terms of architecture or landscapes, but especially in terms of the warmth that everyone emits here. Therefore, I totally recommend this experience to everyone!'

Photo courtesy of Rossella

Here is how Rosa got along, working as a Research Assistant at Donana Biological Station;

Photo courtesy of Rosa

'I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement here in Sevilla. I have learnt many lab skills that I would never have gotten the chance to learn if I stayed in the UK. I’ve also learnt new computer software for use in scientific research that I can now add to my CV. My supervisor has been really helpful in so many ways and I’ve also made a new friend in the process! Furthermore, I have worked in busy and varied work environments (both lab, office and field) and worked and lived in a different country which shows that I am an adaptable and hardworking person. These kinds of examples are great to talk about during interviews and job applications and I think will really help me to stand out.

Photo courtesy of Rosa

I think we can all agree that Sevilla is an amazing city. There literally is something for everyone (nightlife, parks, cosy cafes, jazz clubs, art galleries, museums etc). On top of this, it’s absolutely gorgeous, every morning cycling to work I would take a minute to take in the views of the river and the beautiful coloured houses along the river by Triana bridge.

I have an 12-month traineeship with Natural England when I am back. It’s located in the Cotswolds and the aim of the traineeship is to get all the training needed to become a wildlife ranger in the future. This includes, off-road driving course, chainsaw & brushcutter licence as well as pesticide application. On top of this I’ll be getting loads of experience in building fences, habitat restoration, species surveys as well as working with and managing groups of volunteers etc. All aiming towards getting my dream job in the future of a nature reserve manager.'

Photo courtesy of Rosa

Here is how Matty got along, working at Queens;

Photo courtesy of Matilda

'My work placement has overall been a positive experience. I have learnt a lot about teaching, especially teaching classes of younger learners. I have enjoyed working with other teachers and learning from their long term experience, and from participating and assisting in their classes. I have enjoyed getting to know the students and leading activities and games in classes :)

I've loved every minute of living in Seville, so much that I've decided to stay here after Christmas! I'm returning in January to continuing working at Queen's College and living in this beautiful city. I love the music, food, culture and architecture here and I'm excited to explore it more after Christmas. My Spanish has improved since arriving, and I'm finally getting used to the Andalusian accent! Spanish lessons have helped a lot with everyday conversation in Spanish and OLS has been useful for practicing grammar.

I am going home for Christmas in Brighton and then flying back in early January to start the new year back in Seville. I will be continuing working with Queen's College and am going to look for some private tutoring opportunities as well. '

Photo courtesy of Matilda

Here is how Alex got along at OneWay school and her plans for the New Year;

'My work placement at OneWay Language School has been wonderful. My colleagues were all extremely kind, helpful and motivating; keeping me in good spirits even when the students weren't behaving. Having not taught before, this work placement has provided me with invaluable teaching skills, such as class management and using a variety of materials to engage my class, and confidence!

I'm going to miss Seville. These past three months integrating myself into the laid back customs of the locals, cycling pretty much everywhere and enjoying the weather and food has been one of the best experiences of my life. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone: new country, city, language, culture, people and job. But now that I'm leaving, I feel that all those daunting things at the start are second nature now and comforting. However, I must admit my Spanish has not improved as much in my speaking skills but my listening is much better! (Without living in a Spanish speaking country, it would not have improved so much.)

My plans for the new year include doing more TEFL but online, tutoring and volunteering with disadvantaged students in London. As well as volunteering at an animal shelter, when I get the chance! The high quantity of dogs in Spain has led me to become quite obsessed with them. I'm taking it easy these next few months, using the skills I gained from my internship and placement, while I decide what my next challenge will be.'

Photo courtesy of Matilda

Here is how Rob has been getting on as Research Assistant at Donana Biological Station

Photo courtesy of Rosa Sutcliffe

Photo courtesy of Rob

'The range of work I’ve carried out here in Seville has been highly varied, from conducting focal follows of Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Isla Mayor to assess time-activity usage in rice fields, to processing guano pellets from Mallards and Grey Herons for collection of viable seeds and eggs. I have learnt a lot of skills that will help me in my aspiration to be an ecologist.

Life in Seville has been pleasant as we move more into the winter months and it is starting to get progressively cooler. There are some cold, windy or rainy days however it is surprising how even in the middle of December you can get days that reach higher than 20 degrees at midday. I still find myself amazed by the range of quality attractions in Seville. Recently, my visiting girlfriend and I visited the aquarium in Seville and were surprised by the range of fauna on display, from Ragged-toothed Sharks and Loggerhead Turtles to a large Jellyfish exhibit. Even just a casual walk through town will often uncover new places to visit that were previously not known. Every venture to somewhere new to do new things is an opportunity to learn Spanish.

Currently, I’m keen to start applying for more jobs and experience back in Cornwall. My girlfriend and I are also interested in soon undertaking a 3 month placement in the Falkland Islands with the Elephant Seal Research Trust.'

Here is how Caitlin has been getting on at Centris English Language School

Photo courtesy of Caitlin

'My work placement at Centris English School had been such a formative and enjoyable experience! I have learnt to prepare students from the ages of 4 to 16 for Cambridge English Exams, gaining knowledge and experience in preparing and delivering my own lessons.

Seville now feels like my second home and I feel like I have had the opportunity to truly get to know the city and all the amazing things it has to offer!

My Spanish has also improved massively, as I have had the opportunity to practice daily and gain a great amount of confidence in my speaking.After Christmas, I am going to continue working in Spain as I’m moving to Madrid. There, I’ll carry on working with children in an educational role!'

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