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The last weeks of life in Seville - Part 2

Read how Katey, Callum, Rachel & Kate have been getting on!

Katey works as a Research Assistant at Doñana Biological Station

Photo curtesy of Katie - Flamingos inside Doñana National Park

'I have had the greatest experience working at Estación Biológica de Doñana. I have been able to contribute to the exciting research in invertebrate activity that enhances greenhouse gas emission and the implications flamingos and other birds may also have. Doñana National Park has been one of my highlights, I have been able to see amazing wildlife. I have gained skills in the aquatic laboratory and the identification of invertebrates, as well as measuring gas flux levels in our soil samples. Not only have I developed my research skills, I have become more determined in situations out in the field which were more challenging such as the mud up to my knees, filling my waders up with water and the 30◦C heat.

It’s fair to say I love living in Spain and my time here has gone so quickly. My favourite memories would have to be the Alcazar, flamenco (Torres de Macarena), morning tostadas and evening tapas, the cathedral, picnics in the park and by the river, Granada (the Alhambra is amazing!), beaches in Cadiz, Cordoba, living with really lovely housemates and being lucky enough to save to go on a hot air balloon over the sunflower fields just outside Sevilla.

Once I return to the UK, I will be an intern at an organisation called Frontiers (non-profit conservation and development non-governmental organisation (NGO) who run volunteer run conservation projects). I then hope to work for charities /organisations in the future where work involves efforts against species endangerment and climate change. Living abroad has encouraged me to live in other countries in the future and I would love to come back to Spain or South America to improve my Spanish, either by Au Pairing or through environmental organisations.'

Photo curtesy of Katie

Callum works as a Teaching Assistant at Colegio Britannico de Sevilla

Photo curtesy of Callum

'My work placement has been a great experience, CBS is so different to any other school I have ever been to; but its differences provide an exciting atmosphere and no day is like any other which I personally love. As the weeks have gone past, I've learnt how to deal with difficult characters and how to reward good behaviour. I feel like I've developed as a teacher in terms of knowing the techniques of getting a high energy, non focused class to concentrate better and overall as an educator/ assistant my abilities have doubled. I'm no coach Carter but I can take inspiration from the people I have met and teaching I have witnessed to move forward as an educator.

Despite the early mornings and some struggles in class, this experience has made me seriously consider the teaching path as a future career. Life in Seville has really just gotten better and better; I feel we are very lucky to have participated in this placement at this specific time of the year, where so many brilliant things are happening (Feria, festivals in the park, caaq events...). I think my spanish is slowly improving, but my goal of B1 may be a bit further away than I would have liked. However I would like to believe that with a little bit more time and some further visits to Espana this goal can certainly be achieved

Photo curtesy of Callum

In short I love Seville, its a beautiful city; if Sevilla was a girl I would be tempted to marry her. Until now, no other city has ever disturbed my adoration, loyalty and belief that London is the best city in the world. The journey home is going to be one filled with sorrow and dread, I fear the tears from mis companeros y yo may flood the plane. However as one journey ends another begins. All dad jokes aside, I will sorely miss Seville but I must return to London to secure a TEFL or something similar and a few other qualifications. I want to keep improving the Spanish and make a bit of money from graphic design/ illustration projects. Once the time is right, I am looking to go to another Spanish speaking country or perhaps Brazil, the worlds a big place so I might as well explore it. Volvere en el futuro Sevilla sin duda.'

Rachel works as an English Teacher at OneWay school

Photo curtesy of Rachel

I have become more use to working at OneWay, and I have begun to learn what works well and what doesn't with the students. I have definitely begun to feel more confident and experienced as a teacher.

Life in Sevilla is still as wonderful as ever! I have been enjoying the amazing nights CAAC puts on, and seen some beautiful Flamenco, and enjoyed free festivals across the city, such as the circus festival and the puppetry festival. I have also been visiting more art galleries and museums around the city, as there are so many of them and a lot have free entry. As well as enjoying what Sevilla has to offer, I have taken trips to beaches in Portugal, and spent the weekend in Cadiz. I feel my Spanish is coming back to me, and I am remembering more and more day by day. I am not sure how much I've improved from the level I was already at, but it has been really good to practice it again.

After this placement I plan to stay out in Spain and Portugal over summer, travelling around and meeting with friends and family. In September I will be moving to Santander (a city in the north of Spain) where I will start a teaching job at an English Academy there.

Photo curtesy of Rachel

Kate works as a General Assistant at Ecologistas en Accion

Photo curtesy of Kate

'I have really enjoyed my work placement with Ecologistas and I have learnt a lot. I have gained a lot of experience in maintaining an allotment and delivering workshops for adults and children. All the fellow allotment owners are incredibly friendly and a couple of them have made me gazpacho and given me some of their produce. They are very knowledgeable and good to learn from. I have found working with the kids incredibly rewarding, for example planting trees with them that will hopefully last for generations to come.

I love Seville as a city to live. The life style is laid back and people seem to appreciate taking things slow and enjoying taking time to sit, enjoy good food and company. Andalucia has so much to offer and we have been able to leave Seville and explore other areas including national parks, beaches and other cities. I really feel at home and am have created a little network of people in the city. My Spanish has definitely improved but the more you learn the more you realise there a lot more to learn.

After this internship I have got a seasonal job lined up in Mallorca diving and after that I am not too sure what my plans will be. After this experience I know that at some point in the future I would like to work in community development/sustainable food growing and also come back and live in Spain. However, I think it is sensible not to have too much pressure on exact plans and see what opportunities arise.'

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