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3 Weeks into their time in Seville - This is what our interns have to say! Part 3

Elias works at Colegio Británico de Sevilla as a Teaching Assistant

Photo curtesy of Elias

'My role as a teaching assistant at CBS (Colegio Británico de Sevilla) is a varied and rewarding one. I initially expected to only be helping children to learn English, however because the entire curriculum is taught in English anyway I am able to assist in all lessons, ranging from P.E to History, and even maths. The children and staff have been a pleasure to work with so far, and despite being only 3 weeks into my placement I am already feeling settled. The most challenging aspect for me thus far has been the long days, predominantly as a result of the long commute to and from school each day. The journey for me is comprised of a 30 minute walk followed by a further hour on a coach that is provided free of charge by the school. I should also mention that a 3 day weekend (with a day off on Friday) makes these long days much easier to deal with!

The majority of my free time so far has been spent exploring the many sights, sounds and tastes that Seville has to offer. Seville is a place filled with architecture that's rich in both beauty and historical significance, meaning I haven't been short of something to see or do over the last few weeks. Everything here seems to be within walking distance, which is very convenient even with the late summer heat that we've been experiencing. Thursday night 'intercambios', the local language exchange meetups, have been a consistent feature of my weekly routine. They provide a great opportunity to meet new people whilst also allowing for some Spanish speaking practice if you need it. The food and drinks here are very reasonably priced - especially when coming from Brighton! You'll often be able to find a meal and a drink here for under €10.

Overall my first 3 weeks in Seville have been an extremely positive experience, and adapting to Andalusian life has not been an issue at all. Everything related to my apartment and the surrounding area has been explained thoroughly by the organising institution, and I feel as if I can go to them for anything that I need. The group that I've travelled here with is absolutely wonderful, and I've already made some friends that I'll stay in touch with for a very long time to come.'

Photo curtesy of Elias

Sofia works at Estacíon Biologíca de Doñana as a research assistant

Photo curtesy of Sofia

'I work at Estacíon Biologíca de Doñana as a research assistant. I work alongside a PhD student studying plant-herbivore interactions (between caterpillars and strawberry plants) and how this affects the epigenetic status in the progeny plants. I have also been offered the opportunity of starting my own project where I will be studying the behavioural patterns of the caterpillars. I enjoy my work as I am learning new skills, building on my knowledge and challenging myself. The people in my lab I work with are all really friendly and have all been very inviting – we eat lunch together, have coffee breaks and so far, have we have gone for lunch and drinks in Triana followed by them giving me a tour around that area!

We have spent time exploring the city during our free time, eating out and having a few cheeky beers! I have been attending the intercambios on a Thursday night which takes place at a bar where you can practice your Spanish, and others can practice their English. This is a great way to improve on my Spanish skills, meet new people and socialise with locals. Most Friday and Saturday nights are spent going to Alameda de Hercules where we go for food and drinks in the night time, finished off with a big slice of pizza at the end of the night! I tend to head to Parque del Alamillo or Parque de Maria Luisa to soak up some sun after work and practice some more Spanish. So far, we have also gone on a weekend trip to Cádiz to spend time on the beach and we plan on more trips during our time here, with my next trip going to Madrid next week!

My first few weeks in Seville have been very exciting, filled with lots of new experiences and making new friends. Seville has a fun, relaxed and friendly vibe to it which makes it easier to settle into. I have loved exploring the city and emerging myself in the culture and of course, loving the Spanish sun!! There’s still so much more to see in Seville and the rest of Andalusia and I look forward to seeing where the next couple of months takes me.'

Chris works at OneWay as an English Teacher

Photo curtesy of Chris

'I work at One Way language school primarily teach English to Spanish children from the ages of 6-12, but I have a one-to-one session with a man in his 50s who is looking to improve his fluency. I start work at 4:00 p.m. and I finish at 8:30 p.m. so I am afforded a very long lie in every morning! We arrived on a Wednesday and the day after I had a meeting with my employer who showed me the ropes and then I observed a couple of lessons before being told that on the Monday I will start teaching multiple classes. As someone with no previous teaching experience it was quite daunting but I think that is the best way to learn and I feel that I'm getting into the swing of things now. I am really enjoying my role and I am considering other teaching positions from January onwards.

In my free time I like to travel around Sevilla and visit the many attractions it has to offer. I particularly like spending time in the Parque del Alamillo, which is a big park close to where I live. I also go to the Intercambios every Thursday as they are a great place to meet new people and improve my Spanish.I really like Sevilla.

It's been easy to adjust to life here and it helps that everyone in our group is nice and we spend a lot of time together. The locals have also been really welcoming; one helped me when I was having a bit of trouble with the Sevici bikes in my first week. I am really enjoying my time here and I look forward to the next couple of months.'

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