3 Weeks into their time in Seville - This is what our interns have to say! Part 3

Elias works at Colegio Británico de Sevilla as a Teaching Assistant Photo curtesy of Elias 'My role as a teaching assistant at CBS (Colegio Británico de Sevilla) is a varied and rewarding one. I initially expected to only be helping children to learn English, however because the entire curriculum is taught in English anyway I am able to assist in all lessons, ranging from P.E to History, and even maths. The children and staff have been a pleasure to work with so far, and despite being only 3 weeks into my placement I am already feeling settled. The most challenging aspect for me thus far has been the long days, predominantly as a result of the long commute to and from school each day. The jo

3 Weeks into their time in Seville - This is what our interns have to say! Part 2

Lewis works at Estación Biológica de Donaña as an Assistant Researcher Photo curtesy of Lewis, in Doñana national park with a Lentisc 'As a research assistant at Estación Biológica de Doñana, I have been doing lots of different tasks and have learned a lot already. I am assisting a PhD student with her research on a species of plant called lentisc, and the species of birds that interact with it. Some weeks we drive to Doñana National Park where we stay on site for 3 days in order to collect field data. We set up GoPro cameras to catch birds foraging for lentisc fruits, collect bird droppings in collection trays under perching sites to determine the species using DNA, and collect fruits for m

3 Weeks into their time in Seville - This is what our interns have to say! Part 1

Juliette works at Ecologistas en Accion Photo curtesy of Juliette - 'The sunset at Cadiz' 'Three weeks... already spent 21 days in Seville, which went by so fast yet also feels like I have a new home. My weeks, spent at the allotments have been filled with sun, lovely people and a lot of hard work. I expected the hard work and the sun, although perhaps not as hot... but I underestimated how friendly everyone would be, with ‘Buenas días’ being heard all around. At the plot, the tasks change daily but the focus for the moment remains on setting up the allotments for the children, which means I get to witness how drastically the space is changing… and so do the locals walking by - ‘¡dío que ca

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